We might be caught in patterns of thinking not being aware of it. The patterns are often set early in childhood and are sometimes building up also later. They might have a strong impact on our personal and professional life.

It is difficult to become aware of these patterns oneself and it is generally impossible to get rid of them without outer help. With the help of a therapist it is possible to free oneself from the old reaction patterns and restrictions. With help of the resulting new self confidence it is possible to find new alternatives for the future.

Solution-focussed Coaching or Counselling is valuable when you need to make difficult decisions about your work situation or are  thinking of starting something new. It is often a shorter project and ends when the problem is solved, and the decision is made.

Professional Coaching with Psychoanalysis focusses on improving leadership qualities for those who already have a position as manager or wants to get one. In the sessions we can discuss difficult situations and reactions which make managing, the handling of conflicts and achieving authority difficult. The goal is to become more aware of how the personal background and previous professional experience affects leadership qualities. Working on oneself improves ones self confidence and is helpful for instance when problematic situations arise at work. I use this approach in my my work with students at IMD in Lausanne.

Psychotherapy can help to reduce several kinds of psychological suffering, depressions, sleeping problems, problems at work, can be relieved with this therapy.

Psychoanalysis focuses on the day to day difficulties as well as on the deeper aspects of life. Psychoanalysis helps one to become more oneself, to find meaning and goals. Depression, anxieties, relational problems or traumatic experiences in the past can be the reason to start this therapy. The work is focussed more on inner landscapes, on dreams, creativity. Art, active imagination, sandlplay or other creative activities can support the process also for adults.

Sandplay for adults is mostly part of other therapies, especially of psychoanalysis and can be helpful in situations when words are not enough to solve anxieties.

Couple therapy is a form of psychotherapy where the relation is the client. The focus is on improving the communication between the partners. It is important to learn to listen to and to respect ones own feelings as well as the feelings of the partner.

Therapy for children and adolescents is mainly based  sandplay or art therapy. Children can choose between different activities. Teenagers often like to talk while they are creative (sculpting, painting, sandplay).