Therapy for children in Zurich in English

Play and other kinds of creative activities help children to recover from difficult experiences and to handle problematic situations in the present. My practice offers children and adolescents a safe and therapeutic space. Therapy for children works best when there is space for creativity.

Through conversations, play and creativity past and present difficulties, not achieved developmental stages, difficulties at school, aggression and other problems can be worked on and solved. The work with small children demands a close contact with the parents, sometimes also with teachers and sometimes other school personnel.

I have supplies for many different forms of therapy in my practice. It is not necessary to decide which therapy the child should have. The child will decide and know what it needs in that moment. Sandplay is often the first choice. Other possibilities are:

Sculpting, painting, drawing, collage…
Games with specific rules like Uno, Chess or Monopoly
Reading and presenting fairy tales

In the first free and non-committal meeting we talk about the difficulty at hand and a schedule can be agreed upon. It is good to start with three sessions after which it is good to meet again to discuss the progress and cooperation. One session a week is good for children, a session is 60 minutes.