Practical aspects

It is often difficult to take the decision to start a therapy. Therefore the first meeting is a no-obligation initial session. In that session we can get to know each other a bit and discuss the reasons behind your decision to come to this first meeting. We can discuss how you see our work together and we can discuss practical aspects.

It is important that the personal chemistry works, therapy works only if there is a trust for each other. There is no charge for the first meeting if you decide not to continue.

A normal session lasts for 60 minutes, it is possible to agree upon longer sessions. Ideally the sessions take place weekly. The fee can be adapted if there is a serious financial hardship. It is also possible to have the sessions over Skype WhatsApp or other applications.


Therapy, Psychoanalysis, Counselling,
Sandplay, Coaching, 60 minutes:                           140 CHF

Couple therapy, 90 minutes:                                    200 CHF

Margareta Ehnberg-Vital