Many of my clients have asked me if it right to use time and energy working on their problems. There are times when it feels like notheing much is happening. One might fall back into the old easily.

First of all the question needs to be re-thought. Who is deciding about right and wrong? There are so many different opinions about that. I find the question is more correct if the question is: Is it good or bad to work on my own problems? The answer to that is much easier to find, it is good to work on the problems to get rid of them.

In the safety instructions on in the air planes, a detail in the procedure is always the same: the adult person must always first see that he or she wears the oxygen mask before helping weaker or younger persons. There is no use of you if you are unconscious before you really can do anything. In the plane it makes sense, in the every day as well.

The unsolved problems we have makes us less aware of the realities in the outer world, in some cases we might be completely unaware of that what we do in certain situations really does not belong here, old hurts rises up disturbingly in situations where they do not belong, and we do not understand why we get upset. It uses our energy to manage those old unsolved issues.

It makes sense to give energy to solving those old memories, they bind a lot of energy as well. When the wounds are healed and the memory turned into something more agreeable there will be more energy for life in the moment it happens.

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